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For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty, and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. (Matthew 25:35 ESV)
Over 25,000 dinners are served in the NGM dining room to men, women, and children from the City of Niagara Falls and the local community per year. We welcome you to join us in caring for the homeless and poor by participating in the 3M Ministry.


What Is the 3M Ministry?

The 3M Ministry is designed for your group to provide the dinner meal to seventy (70) guests, offer guests to join in singing and worship, and present a clear Gospel message. Whether you would like to use our fully equipped kitchen or cook the meal off site, we collaborate with you to make this an excellent group experience. You can cook, but not prepare the message? No problem, you let us know what you can do, and we will do the rest!

“Music is love in search of a word.”

What is a typical dinner menu?

 The menu is up to our volunteer group. Some favorites are baked chicken dinners with potato and vegetables, roast beef sandwiches served with vegetables, or Italian specialties such as baked ziti or your family’s favorite recipe. Do not forget dessert! Our guests absolutely love to have a small dessert after enjoying the meal you provide. The Mission provides beverages and place settings.
What to Expect? Our helpful staff will assist you in any way they can. Our guests welcome friendly conversation and enjoy meals that remind them of home. Meals are served cafeteria-style, and you will be able to interact with guests. Please dress in modest attire.
When? Dinner is served at 5:30pm and we ask groups to arrive at 4:30pm so that you can prepare. Our guests enjoy the music and hear the Gospel at 5:00 pm prior to dinner being served.

Contact Cal Kern, our 3M Coordinator, at 716-289-1342 or reach out to our Volunteer Service Coordinator, Donna Stevens at 716-946-6163.