New Life Discipleship Program

Many men enter the Niagara Gospel Mission to escape the cold or plan on a temporary stay in the Emergency Shelter.  During their stay, decisions are made to change their lifestyle, free themselves from addiction, and plot a course to recovery.  The Niagara Gospel Mission offers a Discipleship Program with up to twelve men and are committed to Bible study, recovery classes, job readiness, learning to live in harmony as a group, and participate in work assignments within the Mission.  Upon completion, men can move into the Transitional Living housing or move to independent living.  Committed program directors work with each man individually to meet their specific challenges.  Men are encouraged to attend a local church for additional support, which has become an extended family to many.

Servants Of Christ

God’s Mighty Hand Helps

From our leaders, pastors, volunteers, and staff, we are centered around serving God,  serving others, and restoring lives through personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

The Goal Of The Program

  • To help participants identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • To provide an opportunity to learn the stages of change and the recovery process.
  • To draw participants into a vital relationship with God and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  • To bring exposure to God’s word; and teach how to apply biblical principles to everyday life.
  • To explore and bring guidance to personal resources and support systems and identify where additional resources are needed.
  • To make an opportunity to acquire the skills needed to build sustainability and healthy interdependence with family, service providers, and the greater community

How We Accomplish The Goals


  • Through exercise
  • Life skills


  • Life skills program
  • Life giants
  • Recovery programs (if applicable)


  • Biblical manhood (utilizing The Knights of the 21st Century Squire program)
  • Foundations of the faith (based on the Nicene Creed)
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Bible study
  • Biblical character development

Hope Through Christ

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We share the Gospel every day. We create an environment of fellowship where people can learn how to rely on Christ for all their troubles and afflictions. 

Residency Description

Our Discipleship program is an at-will residence. Residents reside at their own will. They may choose to leave at any time during program. Residency is also in consultation with NGM senior staff, RAs, Director of Spiritual Care, and Executive Director. Residents who fail to comply with the policies and procedures of the program will face disciplinary action that includes termination of residency.

Phase 1 (6 weeks)

Phase 1a & 1b is designed to assess the commitment, readiness, and suitability of the individual to continue with the core teachings of the Discipleship Program.

As part of Phase 1, a disciple will attend various spiritual formation classes, Bible study, church, recovery meetings (as applicable), Genesis of Manhood video series. They must complete 5 self-study lessons and memorize 2 scripture passages. During this phase a disciple will also take care of getting a health care insurance provider and primary care physician.

During Phase 1a of the program an individual will reside in the shelter area of the mission. They will be subject to all rules and regulations of the shelter area. An individual will be considered in a lock-down status. This means that if they need to leave the building for a reason other than a valid appointment, they must be accompanied by a staff member or someone from the discipleship program that has advanced to Phase 3 of the discipleship program. During Phase 1b a candidate will move upstairs and reside on the second floor.

Phase 2-4 (6-8months)

Phases 2-4 are the core of the discipleship program. As part of these phases a disciple will attend various spiritual formation classes, Bible study, church, recovery meetings (as applicable), Knights of the 21st Century video series. They must complete 3 Giants, 20 self-study lessons and memorize 12 scripture passages.

Phase 5 (3 months)

Phase 5 would come upon completion of all course work. Currently disciples have been able to start looking for a job and working towards the end of Phase 3. We have realized that once working the individual is at higher risk not to complete the course work and no longer stay connected to the program in a way that supports a transition back into society.

The proposed Phase 5 would last 90 days with the disciple being allowed to continue living on the second floor and work part time as they transition. The type of job and hours would have to be approved by the Director of Spiritual Care. Approval would also be based upon a disciples Relapse Risk Assessment Matrix score. Based on the Relapse Risk Assessment Matrix score access to any funds may be regulated and distributed by mission staff.

The disciple would not officially graduate from program until the successful completion of this phase. They would also be required to attend church, Bible Study and recovery meetings throughout the week as applicable. They will also be required to complete a financial management class.

Requirements for participation

  • Must have made a confession of faith in Christ and demonstrate a desire to grow in Christian maturity

  • Must commit to a 10-12 month program of growth.

  • Weekly church attendance as well as having a mentor who can help bring spiritual guidance to their life

  • Committed to doing all and every work assignment with due diligence

  • Attendance at one weekly recovery meeting at the Mission as deemed appropriate.

  • Weekly meeting with the program staff to assess progress and all paperwork proof of compliance

  • Attendance of all mandatory program activities.

  • Demonstrate humility and gratitude in behavior (Extremely important)

  • Be willing to assess the status and health of current relationships and to refrain from entering new relationships during residency.

  • Be willing to comply with all policies and procedures that govern the NLiC Discipleship Program.

  • Be capable of demonstrating basic self-sufficiency in terms of personal living quarters care (i.e. personal hygiene and maintaining clean living quarters).

  • Be willing to work cooperatively with the NGRM staff and other providers to identify and address restorative issues and permanency planning.

  • Any further requirements based on individual needs or issues.

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The Good News

The soul and mind needs just as much nourishment as the body

We build up each man to the glory of God so they can transition into a functional, self-sustaining life. To get them stable in their physical, emotional and mental health. To introduce them to a transformational relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ or to solidify that individual’s commitment and relationship with Him. To introduce them to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. To get them grounded in biblical manhood, foundations of the faith, spiritual disciplines, and Christ-like character.

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